Set up a store in the USA

Oct 08 2021

last year,I have a idea.Beause I have a dream. I want to set up a store in the USA. SO today I want to say a story about my store.

sourcing company

 For the store, the commodities must meet special standards, and meet the requirements of customs declaration, certificate, management regulations on sales and labeling. The commodities must be checked, must can be uesd, and not be harmful for the environment. Otherwise,some goods are subject to quota restrictions. The business environment nurtured by the unique American culture is also unique. These are all preparations before opening the store. But the most important thing is providing after-sales service and technical support. If you want to have a race with American. You must providing good after-sales service and technical support for customer. Because American consumers value this very much. But you can't buy commodities from China directly, you should cooperate with Chinese service institutions. Your choice determines whether you can successfully gallop in American shopping malls.

 So I Contact with many agents and ask many people. Last I find Nacy. She gives me a introduction about sourcing companines. She said that the company is quite experienced in agency, in last dacades, the company has served thousands of foreign purchasers. She said they have compared price with many companies. Then they can continue to offer discounts on the negotiated price, aim to find good commodities.  

 In sevice, they have visual inspection. Check whether the conditions of the factory meet the specifications. In the process of products. They test products with professional instruments. Avoiding defect rate. 

In packing, they also have inspection. They make sure the commodities are good.

In transportation, they will find the best way. Aiming to acheiving low-cost.

In price, She said the price is very cheap. Their price is very suitable compared with other agent. Then I ask other agents. I find what she said is ture.

After the communication with Nacy. I finally chose sourcing company according to the actual operation of my store.

Then they help me to buy products. I sell silk scarves. As they said ,they help me finding a company called silkcashmere. 

From selecting manufacturers to door-to-door delivery. Sourcing companies does the best sevice.

The silk scarf from Sourcing Companies. Our customer say the silk touch good.They will see the product in front of them. I am very happy.I am very happy to choose Sourcing companies. I also look forward to my shop. Just as one expected. It achieved good results in the sales of that quarter.

All the way, I went from groping to actual operation. Although it is difficult. But I didn't choose to give up. But it's important to choose Sourcing Companies.If you are same as me. Please contact this company. Please dial +86-15375433533.Or email us with [email protected]

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