Earn First Pot of Gold-17 Most Profitable Products to Import from China?

Oct 19 2021

1. Makeup tools

Mini Led make up mirror

Mirror is a kind of necessary product for everyone, especially for girls. As girls usually pursue beauty and need to make up fix in daily life. But on some occasions, it is not so convenient to find a mirror.

2. Home decoration

Wooden chair

Furniture is a necessary product in daily life. And it is well-known that China is one of the largest manufacturing countries of all kinds of furniture like bed, chair, sofa, etc. So it will be cheaper to import furniture from China.

china import

3. Kitchen tools

Vegetable cutter

Nowadays, people focus more on healthy food. And more and more people begin to cook by themselves. Kitchen tools are becoming more and more important. Vegetable cutter can help people to cut material better.

4. Sports products

Sports water bottle

Sports water bottle is a profitable product you can try. People pay more attention to sports, so the need for sport water bottle is becoming greater.

As the below picture shows, you can buy one at an average price of $3, but it will be sold at the price of $18 on Amazon.

5. Phone accessories

Plastic phone shell

China is a large manufacturing country of electronic products and phone accessories. The main industrial cluster is in Shenzhen. The wholesale price for such products is very low.

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6. Fashion accessories


People are fond of using various fashion accessories to decorate themselves nowadays. Hair belt is such a kind of product, which is very popular among girls especially young girls.

Besides, it is a product to import from China with a high profit. As the below picture shows, you can buy one at about $1 on Alibaba, but it sells at $10 on US-based Amazon.  

7. Toys

The toy field is an industry worth trying, as it is a necessity for people at any age. According to different functions, it can be divided into entertainment toys, educational toys, etc.

China is the main toy manufacturing country, and there are many OEM, ODM, OBM factories here, mainly located in coastal regions like Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang. Therefore, you can buy them from China at a very competitive price.

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