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Sep 28 2021

Our compamy named ocean sourcing Enterprise Limited. As a leading China sourcing agent. We know many mnaufactories in China. And we privide service for foreigner to import products from China. We offer premium sevices in product sourcing service that manage the project from beginning to completion, ensure a quality product at the best price delivered in a timely manner.

Sourcing Agent

We have many service, for example, consulting and quotation, product sourcing or development, factory audit,product tracking, inspection service,quality assurance,warehousing service and shipping service.

China Sourcing Agent

For consulting and quotation, like consultation phase give our team the opportunith to have a better picture of what products you are after.From product specifications and design options to meterid quality and price range, the initial consultation will provide us with oarameters to work with. Our professional sourcing agents will assist by relieving you from the complex purchasing process.

For product sourcing or development.We avoid the hasssle of going over different suppliers,questionable product quatity and overpriced goods by partnering with your local sourcing partner. We help you handle all things from manufacturing to shipping. If you have your supplies but need us for quality inspection and shipping. We can also help you complete it.For factory audit. Quality products result in happy customers,which translate to positive reviews,increased visibity and recommendations on Internet.

For product tracking, we can have professional opersonnel to control the products you produce in China OEM, ODM throughout the process. You will have no worries and fully understand the producting process of the product.

For Inspection senices. Nothing works better than smart and tailored China inspection services. Quality check in Chinese factories are tailored to be fast and effecient inspection reports prociding accurate and sound results.

 For quality assurance.You don't have to worry about the product quality before shipment. Ocean can help you to carry out product quality inspection to ensure smooth delivery.

 For warehousing service. Ocean sourcing, your expert China sourcing agent, helps you with this by giving access to our warehouse wuth no extra change,adding more saving on your overhead.

 For shipping services. Our team can arrange the logistics.

 For price, we guarantee you a full refund of our service fee within 120 days, if you are not satisfied with our service result. Ocean sourcing values trust and long term relationship with our customers. We offer commpetitive change system starting from 3% and guarantee you there is no any hidden fees.

 For value service. We compare prices among different supplies in the marlet, hunting for the best quality at the best price to ensure our customers get more value in every ordered product.

 For product sourcing and project cost consulting. Camply arrangement and inspection and consolidation,supplier evaluation,manufacturing consulting, import, export process consulting are free. You can enjoy all the folloeing service by paying service fee. Service fee starts from 3%. Private label solution production follow up, general quality inspection, products consolidation, shipping solution, free warehousing service.Factory tour assistance and one to one project management, extra service will be quoted by specific case, please contact us for detail quote. one by one inspection, lab testing application for specific certificates,lifestyle photography.

The service fee will be charged per order based on your total order based on your total order based on your total order value. The value is following. less than $1000-$2000 is 10%, $2000-$3000 is 9%, $3000-$5000 is 5%, $5000-$7000 is 8%, %7000-10000$ is 7.5, $10000-$15000 is 7%, $15000-$20000 is 6.5%, $20000-$25000 is 6%, $25000-30000 is 5%, $30000-50000 is 4%, above $50000 is 3%.

We develope a expert agert team providing Global sellers with full sourcing service in a wild range of categories. Ocean sourcing has hundreds of suppliers and more potential Chinese factories to fufill your OEM and ODM product needs. 

All products we sourced are wold-class quality at a competitive price. Explore categories we sourced to see what profitable products you can sell. Or enjoy our product sourcing or development service to differentiate you from other sellers. Save time and cost in sourcing. gain opportunities and strength in increasing sales on business. In the last 2 years alone, we have successfully assisted over 1000 happy clients. We stand by our clients and maintain our top standards in customer satisfaction. In is our main focus to see you achieve an progress in bussiness.

Tony is our boss, Over the last past decade, Tony has established strong business relationships with numerous clients based in United States, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea as their sourcing agent as many of them have found it difficult to purchase in China. As a result. Tony founded Ocean Sourcing to better assist his clients with his professional expertise. 

 Last,you can contact us with number +86-15375433533 or by email, [email protected]

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